Top Ten New NCAA Rule Changes SEC Coaches Want to See

NCAA Rule Changes

Top 10 New NCAA Rule Changes SEC Coaches Want to See


10.  Les Miles:  What about adding a fourth time out in each half?

9.  Steve Spurrier:  I would like to be able to throw my headset at the referee with no penalty.

8.  Nick Saban:  What if we could put a limit on the length of time a QB could scramble around behind the line of scrimmage, before we just blow the whistle and call the play dead.  (That would be safer for the QB)

7.  Kevin Sumlin:  A 12th man on the field would be nice.

6.  Dan Mullen:  How about we limit the recruiting to only 2 months out of the year?

5.  Mark Richt:   How about allowing each team to storm the field one time per game?

4 .  Will Muschamp:  How about spotting a team 7 points when they are down to their 3rd string QB

3.  Gus Malzahn: How about the referee, just let the center set the ball, instead of the referee, so we can speed the game up a little more.

2.  Gary Pinkel:  Let’s think about limiting any one running back to a maximum of 300 yards.  (Yeah, I think that would be safer for the running back)

And the number one rule proposal…


Nick Saban:  How about we just eliminate field goals from the game completely?