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Up or Down, Do You Know Which Direction Your SEC Football Team is Headed?

Is Your SEC Football Team Heading Up or Down? In SEC Football as in life, whether you’re on the way up or down at some point you’re equal to someone else, like passing cable cars.  You can look over, smile and wave at the tourist in the other car, but for one the ride is half over and the other just starting out. South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier is one of the most anticipated SEC Football coaches at SEC Media Days, because he comes with enough colorful commentary to fill newspaper columns, radio shows and sports blogs with content for weeks. 
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Top Five in SEC Football with the Most to Prove

Top Five in SEC Football with the Most to Prove SEC Defenders with the Most to Prove Every football player who commits to an SEC football team is greeted with opened arms and unrealistic expectations.  But when he commits with five stars tacked to his name, he’s an instant rock star.  And when he commits on an SEC Defense, oh boy, he’s got a lot to prove. The Cornerback in SEC Football with the Most To Prove Highly recruited five-star cornerback out of Tampa, Florida, Vernon Hargreaves III finished his second year ranked number one in the SEC for breaking up
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