Absolute Qualifier Alabama vs LSU 2015

Alabama vs LSU 2015 Absolute Qualifier

College football fans outside of the SEC finally recovered from the nausea brought on by “The Game of the Century” between Alabama and LSU “Parts I and II,” in 2011.  This year Condoleeza Rice, Jeff Long and the College Football Playoff Selection Committee delivered the first CFB Playoff rankings of the season and just when you thought the SEC was dead and buried, the Fab Twelve put LSU and Alabama back in the top four.  Alabama vs LSU 2015 game is now a playoff semifinal and to make it super sickening Les Miles and Nick Saban may have their best teams yet.

Alabama vs LSU 2015, the SEC’s 1 and 2 rushers facing the SEC’s 1 and 2 defenses stopping the rush.

This game may look like LSU is bathing an elephant with a handkerchief and Alabama is attempting to corral a tiger into a birdcage.


It’s not all about Fournette.

Or is it?

LSU Sophomore Leonard Fournette is the number one RB in the country with 193 yards per game.  Fournette has 15 touchdowns through the first 7 games and is the man to beat in the race for the Heisman Trophy.

Alabama Junior RB Derrick Henry is averaging over 130 yards per game and has 14 TD’s across 8 games.

The two exchanged compliments via the media this week:

Derrick Henry on tackling Leonard Fournette

“That’s a big boy to bring down,” Henry said with a grin. “He runs the ball physically. Whew. That’s a big boy to bring down. I probably wouldn’t, but he runs the ball the right way.”


Leonard Fournette talks Derrick Henry

“He’s a great running back. I told the defense you got to get ready to tackle him.”


“What stands out about him?  You’ve never seen him in person?  He’s huge, he’s three times bigger than me. 6-3. You just have to tackle him, that’s all.”


The guys are glad they’re not going up against each other, but their defenses are up for the tasks.  Alabama’s defense gives up a stingy 78.5 yards per game and LSU is not far behind allowing only 93.7 yards per game.


What will give?

LSU scores 38.9 points per game and the Alabama defense allows 16.4.

Alabama scores 33.5 and the LSU defense allows 22.6 points per game.

LSU, 5th in the nation in rushing offense, rushes 309 yards on average and Alabama, 3rd in the nation stopping it allows 78.  LSU doesn’t throw a lot, averaging 157 yards per game; of course why would they, Fournette is happy as a pig in mud running it.

So who wins that matchup?

In 2011 the scoring was closer to a soccer game, but the action in the trenches was closer to a good ole dog fight with a cloud of dust billowing off the cleats of the big nasties.  The ref would then blow the whistle; the dust would settle, guys would line back up and repeat.  That game was determined by 5 field goals shared between the two, LSU had one more than Alabama in overtime.  LSU went on to win the SEC Championship in Atlanta, Tigers pounced the Georgia Bulldogs, 42 – 10.

These are the two top running backs in the SEC and their teams just happen to have the two top rushing defenses in the SEC.

If history repeats itself and the end zone is harder to find than Paul Finebaum’s sense of pride, a solid kicker will win the Alabama vs LSU 2015 game.


So which team wins a battle off the foot?

Alabama kicker, Adam Griffith is 97th in the nation after making 10 of 16 field goal attempts averaging 62.5%.   LSU’s kicker, Trent Domingue, leads the nation, made 9 of 9 of his field goal attempts.  For those of you from Ohio, that’s 100%.  He also just happened to run 16 yards for a touchdown on a fake field goal to beat Florida this year.

Oh yes, The Hat did.

Does either have the edge in Alabama vs LSU 2015?

Yes, Alabama has an edge in the passing game.

Alabama should be able to pass the ball on LSU a little better than LSU can on Alabama.  Alabama also has the edge in TOTO, which is touch downs other than offense.  LSU has not gained many interceptions, but Alabama is 12 across 8 games.

The Game of the Century Part II in 2011 was the impetus for the College Football Playoff.  Alabama and LSU went on to play each other again in the BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans that same season.  This time Alabama found the end zone in the Superdome that night and shut out the Bayou Bengals tigers, the clear winner and National Champion with a score of 21-0.

LSU Coach Les Miles this week:

“They (the LSU Players) should relish it. It’s why you come to LSU — to be a part of this game.”

Alabama (7-1) vs LSU (7-0), 2015 is set to be yet another elimination game leading up to the SEC Championship and 2nd College Football Playoff.  So how exactly do these teams match up in another Top 10 Epic Battle in Tuscaloosa under the lights?  If you enjoy good old fashioned SEC Defense and methodical, clock eating drives that seem to last an entire quarter, then you are in for a treat!

Everybody else, grab the pepto, could be a long night.

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