Auburn Videoboard Crew Monumental Iron Bowl 2015 Duty

Auburn Videoboard Crew Monumental Iron Bowl 2015 Duty

Still not bowl eligible after ten games of the season, the Auburn football team hosts Nick Saban’s most balanced Tide team for Iron Bowl 2015.  And while most analysts believe it’s not a matter of if the CFB Playoff bound Bama will win, but how badly Alabama shames the Plains, there’s an even bigger question.

How long can the 40 men and women on the Jumbo Videoboard Committee entertain the fans before the Alabama football team clears the stands at Jordan-Hare Stadium?

Will Tiger fans stick around and cheer while they watch Alabama waltz into the end zone like they did against Mississippi State where they quieted the cow bells with four touchdowns on the Bulldogs home field, the same number Auburn scored in the last three games total.

Which quarter of Iron Bowl 2015 points the Auburn fans to the exits?

Maybe when the A.N.O.T. begins, that’s Alabama non-offense touchdowns, Auburn fans will grab the souvenir cup and head home.

Alabama returned 2 punts for Touchdowns and 4 interceptions also stamped ‘Pick Six.’  Not as sexy or timely as ‘Kick Six,’ but getting the Crimson Tide on its way to a second visit to the GA Dome to meet the SEC East opponent in as many years.  Auburn has not returned punts or interceptions for touchdowns this year.

The dedicated team that runs the ginormous Aubietron Videoboard has a monumental Iron Bowl 2015 duty to keep the orange and blue faithful cheering and staying.  Dancing with hopes of seeing themselves on the 190 feet wide and 57 feet tall screen may appease the disgruntled for a while.  But if Saban and Smart show signs of a shutout by the second half, Auburn officials may need to challenge “Mustache Guy” to hold up his single index finger for a full third quarter to entertain the Tiger fans.

For Auburn to host Iron Bowl 2015 is a bit like having your most beautiful, thin, intelligent, successful friend drop in on you right after you had surgery where you feel like they removed your gall bladder through your nose.

This year the good-looking intruder is Alabama Quarterback Jake Coker with a voice like Elvis and a fight as relentless as Ali.  Jake Coker passes for twice as many yards per game as Auburn’s quarterbacks.  Auburn’s two QB’s Jeremy Johnson and Sean White each have more interceptions than passing touchdowns.  Auburn scored 72 fewer points on this season than Alabama including Auburn’s five periods of OT.

The south end zone entertainment will be the center of attention for fans wishing to avoid the mayhem down on Pat Dye Field.  Auburn Videoboard Crew may need to break out the Aggies kissing tradition and try to catch some smooches on the 8.7 million LED lights above.

When Alabama Running Back Heisman hopeful Derrick Henry starts to break loose and break hearts in the second half there could be a traffic jam outside the stadium before the fourth quarter begins.  Henry rushed for 19 Touchdowns this season, which is one less than Auburn’s entire team.  Alabama has nearly double the number of Auburn’s passing touchdowns as well.  Hence the Crimson balance everybody’s talking about.

Auburn’s best hope is that Saban’s coaching staff is too busy preparing for Florida, Clemson or Ohio State to properly prepare for their cross-state rival that has 2 wins and 5 losses in the SEC this year.

Maybe the Alabama football team is distracted too.

If the cigar-smoking Vols victory celebration was too much too early it didn’t show on the field when they took down LSU.  Another bigger-than-ever locker room post-game party after holding Leonard Fournette to 31 yards rushing, but that didn’t stop them from shutting up the clang-clang-clang at Mississippi State the following week where they banned a Bulldog visit to the end zone.

Alabama ran 731 plays on offense and Auburn 691 plays this year.  The defense is ranked 4th nationally in total defense.  A defense that gets more sacks than any Nick Saban coached Tide team ever had, including the three years they were handed crystal footballs for it.

The Auburn fans who don’t call in sick as one local writer suggested, will be tempted to head for the exits if Iron Bowl 2015 gets out of hand no matter how much fun the $13.9-million is supposed to provide.

However long they choose to stay for Iron Bowl 2015, the fans in Jordan-Hare may suffer through an Alabama team better than any Saban has paraded in there to date.

Even though Florida and Clemson or Ohio State might be on Coach Saban’s to-do list, something says he will take a second to come up with a game plan for Auburn.

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